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in the heart of Šumava Guest review awards 2019 - 9.3 z 10
Maurerův výběr - Grand Restaurant 2017
Top vinařský cíl - Víno a zážitek


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Hotel Mádr

YOU WILL FEEL COMFORTABLY IN MÁDR! Stylishly decorated hotel in the heart of Šumava, where both families with children and sportsmen feel at home. The hotel also includes a restaurant called U všech kukaček with a children's nook, sauna and relaxing-rooms, games club for children and adults and free Wi-Fi connection in the whole hotel. Summer terrace and outside seating with service just by the Filipohuťský stream. Storage of skis and bicycles is a matter of course.



The hotel is located in Modrava, the intersection of roads leading to the most remarkable places in Šumava. Look out of the window, open the door and set out towards the country where the kings of Šumava ran about not so long ago. Come and meet a countryside of dreamy hills, say hello to the squirrel curiously watching you and enjoy the impression of infinitely green forest, in which you would like to lose yourself. Take a walk in Tříjezerní or Chalupská slať (marsh), climb up Poledník or the Březník hills, find the Vltava spring.... simply, set out towards Šumava's countryside. Believe us, it will win you over. We are the proof. Guest review awards 2019 - 9.3 z 10 - Certifikát kvality
Maurerův výběr GRAND RESTAURANT 2018
Maurerův výběr GRAND RESTAURANT 2017
Maurerův výběr GRAND RESTAURANT 2016